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When do pavers make more sense than other options?

When you want a look of distinction, pavers win the ‘pavers vs. concrete’ battle. If you just want an entry for the trash truck, a parking spot for your landscaper or RV, or just a paved surface for utility purposes, they don’t make sense.

Wherever you have soil or roots that could cause problem with the top surface, pavers make the most sense because they can be repaired individually without having to replace the entire surface.

And the great thing is, even decorative finishes with pavers require minimal maintenance. Of course, every 3-5 years you’ll want to clean and re-seal them, but that’s about it.

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Are pavers better than concrete?

Yes. We’re biased, we admit it. In the great pavers vs. concrete debate, you have two guarantees with concrete: It’s going to crack. Nobody will steal it. Here’s the thing: concrete is a great choice for

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Does the paver brand matter?

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