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What happens over time with pavers? Don’t they settle and get uneven?

Aside from acts of God, there really shouldn’t be any movement with pavers.

When we say “acts of God,” that means water, tree roots, and uncompacted soil — which can affect both pavers and concrete over time. A good paver installation is going to be just as level and even as a concrete installation. Pavers aren’t any more likely to get uneven over time than concrete.

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Are pavers better than concrete?

Yes. We’re biased, we admit it. In the great pavers vs. concrete debate, you have two guarantees with concrete: It’s going to crack. Nobody will steal it. Here’s the thing: concrete is a great choice for

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Does the paver brand matter?

The difference between most paver manufacturers is color, recipe and shapes. The manufacturing process is standardized across the industry. At Signature we have partnerships with the five major manufacturers for the western United States —

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