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How can I estimate my square footage for pavers?

We get this question a lot. If you’re not able to get outside with a long tape measure, or if you don’t want to because it’s 105 out here in the Temecula-Murrieta area, you can actually get a pretty good ballpark idea using Google.

Check out this tutorial video we did on how to estimate your square footage for pavers:

Here’s the step by step, with nothing to download or install.

  1. Visit https://www.google.com/maps/.
  2. Do a search for your address.
  3. Switch to Satellite mode.
  4. Zoom in!
  5. Right-click with your mouse and you’ll see “Measure distance” as an option.
  6. Select your endpoint.
  7. Do the quick math: Length times width. That equals your approximate square footage.

That’s it. Let us know if you have any trouble with this. You can comment below or call us at (760) 738-9900. 

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