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How do pavers handle drainage and runoff?

Only an ongoing, excessive amount of runoff is problematic for pavers. The way the pavers are installed can prevent this, however. A smart paver installation contractor will lay the pavers in a manner that mitigates water intrusion, will implement sand between the joints to the right level, and will seal that sand and the pavers themselves.

But there are a few other tips, too. For instance, the paver pattern should be opposite to the path of travel of the water. The pavers should also be installed in a way where water can drain. A perfectly flat patio or walkway sounds great, but you’ve got to guide the water where you want it to go.

Put your paver contractor on the spot and ask about how they see installing pavers in your situation to get a feel for whether they understand this or not.

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Are pavers better than concrete?

Yes. We’re biased, we admit it. In the great pavers vs. concrete debate, you have two guarantees with concrete: It’s going to crack. Nobody will steal it. Here’s the thing: concrete is a great choice for

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Does the paver brand matter?

The difference between most paver manufacturers is color, recipe and shapes. The manufacturing process is standardized across the industry. At Signature we have partnerships with the five major manufacturers for the western United States —

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